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Wind Turbines

Bat surveys are key part of any wind farm assessment. Data collated by bat surveys allow Bat Eco Services to make best practice recommendations for wind farm developments.

Road Schemes

The road network in place, in progress and planned provides a challenge for bats. Bat Eco Services provides the necessary opportunities to determine the potential impact of roads on bats.

Building Surveys

Bat Eco Services have the expertise to determine the bat usage of buildings and structures prior to planned works.

Landscape Surveys

Bats depend on the landscape to travel to important feeding habitats. Bat Eco Services have the expertise to determine the bat usage of landscape and large matures trees.

Long-term Monitoring
and surveillance

Monitoring is essential to assess the impact of developments on bat populations. Bat Eco Services have the necessary skills to undertake monitoring to meet derogation licence requirements.

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What is a Bat Survey?
Bat surveys determine the effects of a development on bat species. What dose a bat survey generally involves?

Welcome to Bat Eco Services

Bat Eco Services is an independent, professional environmental consultancy offering the necessary skills and expertise to successfully manage your bat ecological needs. We provide a wide range of services to both public and private sector clients.

Planning authorities are required to take into account the presence of protect species, including bats, when considering applications for planning permission. In addition, the onus is on developers to ensure that a development will not damage or destroy a breeding site or resting site of a bat. It is our role to provide sound and accurate assessment of application sites, mitigation measures where necessary and monitoring as required under the conditions of a derogation licence.

Please take some time to browse our website for details of our full range of bat ecological services in relation to Wind Energy, Building Renovations and Developments, Landscape and Tree Surveys, Road Surveys and Surveillance & Monitoring Services.