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Brown bat
Brown long-eared bat roosting in a stone crevice above a door frame

Buildings Surveys

Bats have adapted to living in an array of manmade structures which bats tend to occupy on a seasonal bases. Typical buildings used by bats as roosting sites range from churches, Georgian mansions, modern houses and agricultural stone buildings. Other structures include stone masonry bridges, cellars, tunnels, ice houses to name but a few.

Bat Eco Services have the expertise to determine the bat usage of building and other structures prior to planned works. It is essential to determine the bat usage of buildings and structures prior to the planning process in order to minimse any delays to planned works.

Bat Eco Services employs the extensive use of acoustic technology to ensure that the appropriate level of information is gathered to meet your bat ecological needs. This is combined with desk-top studies to gather all available information on local bat populations.

Bats are observed by the following techniques:

  • Foot-based bat detector surveys of surrounding landscape
  • Dusk and Dawn surveys of buildings and structures
  • Acoustic surveying of commuting routes adjacent to buildings and structures